Portuguese for Foreigners

Portuguese for Foreigners

Whatever your motives are, business or pleasure, this course is for everyone, university students, professionals, foreigners, or for those who simply wish to occupy their free time.

 This course comprises of all areas from teaching, grammar structures to conversation skills. Groups will be defined on the first day of your course, after completing a written and oral placement test which will determine students overall knowledge of the language.

Our teachers have professional training as well as ample experience in teaching Portuguese to foreigners. Lessons will be structured and taught in a flexible and personalized manner adapting to each student´s needs. 




As per the protocol signed on March 2 1999, the Ministries for Foreign Affairs and Education represented by Instituto Camões, by the Department of Primary Education and Universidade de Lisboa, these have agreed upon an evaluation and certification system of Portuguese as a foreign language.

The exams permit the achievement of the following certificates and diplomas, recognized by ALTE (Association of Language Testers Europe):

Certificates and Diplomas of Portuguese as a Foreign Language Levels
CIPLE Certificado Inicial de Português Língua Estrangeira A2
DEPLE Diploma Elementar de Português Língua Estrangeira B1
DIPLE Diploma Intermédio de Português Língua Estrangeira B2
DAPLE Diploma Avançado de Português Língua Estrangeira C1
DUPLE Diploma Universitário de Português Língua Estrangeira C2

Annual Courses from September to July and Intensive Courses commencing at the beginning of each month.