English Courses


From 5 to 10 year olds:
1 hour twice a week or 2 hours once a week. The course objective is not only to build knowledge of both vocabulary and grammar but also to gain confidence in speaking and writing in English.


From 11 to 17 year olds:
1st option – 1 hour or 1h30min twice a week. 2nd option – 2 or 3 hours once a week. These classes are focused on improving students speaking and linguistic skills in an altogether positive, comfortable and stimulating environment.

With regular homework assignments with teacher support and the possibility to change levels according to each student’s individual progress.

During the academic year, parents will receive student progress reports and may book meetings with the teacher any time during the year. 


Over 18 years old:
1st option – 1 hour or 1h30min twice a week. 2nd option – 2 or 3 hours once a week. (As well as mornings and after working hours). Classes with a more communicative approach and more interaction between colleagues and teacher.


Centro de Linguas de Cascais uses CEFR (*the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) as a level defining system A-Basic User B-Independente User C-Proficient User

Duration Cambridge *IELTS *TOEFL (IBT) *Cambridge BEC
Level 5 C2 2 years CPE 7.5-9.0
Level 4 C1 2 years CAE 6.5-7.0 110 – 120 Superior
Level 3 B2 2 years FCE 5.0-6.0 87 – 109 Vantagem
Level 2 B1 2 years PET 3.5-4.5 57 - 86 Preliminar
Level1 A2 2 years KET 3.0
Beginner A1 2 years 1.0-2.5

This table describes the linguistic capability in levels, from A1 for beginners to C2 for those who master the language.

Students will be prepared for a variety of internationally recognized examinations.

Cambridge English: First – B2 (before known as First Certificate in English – FCE)
This certification represents a general level of practical English skills and is widely recognized in Portugal in fields of industries and commerce.

Cambridge English: Advanced – C1 (before known as Certificate in Advanced English – CAE)
This certification proves a high level of practical English skills and is for those who wish to enter the job market or for those who already practice a profession. It is recognized by the majority of British Universities as well as being a pre-requisite.

Cambridge English: Proficiency – C2 (before known as Certificate in Proficiency – CPE)
This certification represents a proficiency level of English skills and is recognized not only by British Universities but also by Universities in other English speaking countries.

Cambridge BEC- Business English Certificates

Centro de Línguas de Cascais supports, prepares and provides all information necessary for candidates when enrolling for the IELTS examination (International English Language Testing System), which is comprised of 4 modules (Comprehension, speaking, listening and writing.) Candidates are classified on a scale of 0-9 (the majority of universities require a classification above 6.0 or higher.

Annual Courses, from September to July and Intensive Courses which begin every month.