Annual Courses

Our annual courses run during the academic year from September to July, taking into consideration all national public holidays and school breaks. Each class has a limited number of students. There are two schedules available: Option 1 - 1hour or 1hour30minutes, twice a week. Option 2 - 2 or 3hours, once a week.

During the course of the academic year, students and/or children´s guardians will receive a progress report as well as a certificate of completion once the course has been concluded.

Intensive Courses

These courses are ideal for those who have as an objective to speedily learn a language while reaching a more proficient level, or for those who would like to simply improve their knowledge and fluency.

During the academic year, intensive courses will initiate according to the number of enrollments. These classes have a maximum number of 12 students per group and cover all levels from A1 to C2.

Students enrolled in intensive courses may join any other ongoing course at our centre at any time. In general, these 30 hour courses comprise of two to three lessons, 120 minutes per week.

One-to-One Courses

For those interested in studying at their own pace, one-to-one classes are a perfect choice. You may select any hour or day of the week as well as manage exactly what you want to learn according to your needs. The duration of each class is 60 minutes.

Continuous enrollment: You may enroll any time during the course of the academic year. Payments are adjusted to the enrollment date.

Family members: Second and third family members will receive a discount.